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Redang Pelangi's Brochure
Redang Pelangi Brochure
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Should you miss our schedule boats ex Merang Jetty (9.30AM) or need to leave Kuala Terengganu before 12pm, alternative transport (public ferry) would be organised and charged accordingly. Kindly check with our reservation department before you book your tickets to Kuala Terengganu.

Land Transfer Service KT Airport / KT Bus Station to Merang Jetty

Redang Pelangi has land transfer services for customers from either the KT Airport (Sultan Mahmud Airport) or the KT Bus Station..

Pickup Point (Time) Destination Fees
KT Airport - Sultan Mahmud Airport (8:15AM) Merang Jetty RM15/pax
(RM30/pax for 2 way trip)
KT Bus Station (7:30AM) Merang Jetty RM15/pax
(RM30/pax for 2 way trip)
Merang Jetty KT Airport (Sultan Mahmud Airport) RM15/pax
(RM30/pax for 2 way trip)
Merang Jetty KT Bus Station RM15/pax
(RM30/pax for 2 way trip)

Boat Transfer (Merang <-> Redang)
  Arrival Departure
Scheduled Boats
(included in Package)

Redang Pelangi's boat leaves Merang Jetty at 9:30AM sharp!

Redang Pelangi's boat leaves Redang Island between 8:00 - 10:00AM.
Alternative, if you miss our scheduled boat Optional Public Ferry Arrangement at RM55/adult, RM30/child
9.00am, 3.00pm 7.00am, 1.00pm
MBKT Bus Station to Merang Jetty Land Transfer service available
Kuala Terengganu Airport to Merang Jetty Land Transfer service available

Boat Transfer (Redang, Kampung Jetty <-> Redang, Long Beach)
  Arrival Departure
Chartered Boat

(Minimum 2 pax)

(Minimum 2 pax)
Land Transfer
Redang Airport <-> Kampung Jetty

RM10/person (Payable directly to Driver)

RM10/person (Payable directly to Driver)

Bus Charter to Kuala Terengganu

If you have a group size of at least 30 people, it maybe cheaper to charter your own bus. The best thing about a chartered bus is that, it follows your schedule to suit your convinience.

We at Redang Pelangi can help you chater your bus from any corner of Malaysia (Semenanjung). Just contact our Redang Pelangi Management Team, and we'll provide you with a qoute for a chartered service.

Domestic Travel Partner Insurance


  • Accidental Death / Permanent Disablement
    Death, total and permanent loss of sight in one or both eyes or total loss by physical
    severance or total disablement from engaging in employment or occupation of any and
    every kind.
  • Medical Expenses
    Reimbursement of the necessary and reasonable medical, surgical and hospital charges as a result of an injury during the period of insurance.
  • Personal Luggage and Personal Effects
    Up to RM100 in respect of your personal luggage and personal effects (including clothing worn) due to theft or damage to or loss of your personal luggage and personal effects by the carrier.
  • Travel Delay
    RM50 for compensation for each full 8 hours delay or RM500 in total, whichever is the lesser. This is only applies to scheduled carriers, which you had duly confirmed according to

Insurance Premium

Duration Premium
1 - 5 Days RM25.00 / individual
6+ Days Please enquire


Terms & Conditions

  • Only valid for Redang Pelangi Resort customers
  • Only valid for Malaysia Citizen
  • Not valid for anyone above 80 years old
  • Insurance premium to be purchased a minimum of 3 working days before travelling
  • Cover note to be issued 2 days before travelling date via email
  • Exclusions
    • All diving related accidents are not covered
    • Incidents caused from not wearing a life jacket are not covered